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Extra mild

Normal sodium fluoride content: 950 ppm. Double protection against decay thanks to sodium fluoride and enzymes – to boost the natural, protective power of your saliva. RDA 30: very gentle. Suitable for the whole family – for 6 years and upwards. Made in Switzerland.

Mild is now strong: cleans without injuring and strengthens with enzymes.

Everything that might possibly be harmful has been eliminated. Instead, it supports the protective function of the saliva. Enzycal contains no aggressive substances. The aggressive foaming agent, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) found in most toothpastes has been replaced by a neutral one. Essential oils such as menthol have been reduced to a minimum. Even the RDA is low. In contrast, Enzycal has three enzymes that are already present in saliva – this miracle fluid in oral hygiene can even repair dental enamel. The saliva with its protective and repair functions is further boosted by the enzymes in Enzycal – which also prevents mouth dryness. Enzycal thus ensures healthy teeth, gums and mouth. It also tastes just as mild as it actually is – so mild that it even helps combat mouth ulcers.

***** The Toothpaste should be used only Pea Size twice daily for 3 months after Restoration of all Dental Cavities for Better results. This toothpaste prevents formation of new cavities, not treatment of old dental cavities****




14.5 × 5 × 4 cm

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