With the growing awareness about General Health, Oral Health is not left out in the present day scenario. With the advancement of science it is well established that there is a strong correlation between general health and oral health. With the developing technology in the field of Dentistry, there are amazing materials and treatment methodology which has given us highly aesthetic and functional results.

Yet, Even after the best treatment modalities there are failures due to the inadequacy of Home care Dental Needs that are not accessible to the patient and the dentist. Maintenance phase is one of the most integral parts of the success of a particular Dental Treatment.

Here is where Planmykit.com comes into action in maintaining your Oral Health at your convenience.

Planmykit.com gets the best International and National Brands of Home care Dental Needs on the same platform, where you can choose from. Let it be any product ranging from toothbrush, toothpaste, Dental floss ,Interdental brushes, Water flossers, Tooth whitening products, Denture care products, Chairside Utility products, Pediatric products, Just name it…We have an array of products for you to choose from. Not only do we have a variety of products, we also have a varied price range to suit your patient’s pocket as well.

Planmykit.com is here to help you all with our Curated Team. Our Team is balanced with experienced as well as young minds. This helps us keep on track in all the spheres to work together and serve you better. Our team is like a family, here to help you stop worrying about Maintenance phase.

Our motto is to grow India in the field of “Oral Hygiene”.

Plan my kit is a solution to all your Oral Health Care Needs….

We are Just a Click away….

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